Northeast winter snow storms explained!

The Culprits

Norway is the culprit! And, of course the illegal immigrants who are taking away our good weather (probably because there are no jobs to take away)!

Andrew Kennedy Foundation identified the nation of Norway the latest axis evil, a few years ago. Over time, we have been diligently looking for actions that can be blamed on them. With the spell current bad weather in North-East US, we finally have the proof!

However, the most surprising finding is that we have been stabbed in the back by own brethren – Canada, with help from Mexico!

Definitive Proof

Proof  argument #1. TV and Satellite pictures pictures show heavy equipment moving large amounts of snow to different locations around Vancouver. This movement of snow is altering the path of the cold winds towards the South East. BTW, the snow moving equipment is run on oil imported from Norway!

Proof argument #2. Many illegal immigrants are missing which can be witnessed by the empty houses in Mananssas VA and unmowed lawns across the US. Actually, these illegal immigrants have moved to the coasts of Mexico and are blowing warm bubbles into the oceans.

Proof argument #3. The altered cold winds from Canada and warm Ocean currents from Mexico are meeting around Washinton DC, thus causing the snow storms in the heart of the capital!

What should you do?

1. Call your congressman. You don’t have to say anything. Just call and breathe deeply – it turns him on!

2. Call Jose to showel your diveway. When Jose doesn’t answer because he is blowing bubbles in the ocean, cry uncontrollably.

3. Attack Norway. They deserve it!

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