Hindi songs with “Mahi ve” explained once for all

Last night I attended a musical show where the main singer (Atif Aslam) sang at least three songs around the words “mahi ve”.  Like everyone else, I did not understand what “mahi ve” really meant. I thought that the answer would be on the internet, but much to my surprise no one understands the words “mahi ve”. This finding has uncovered another world problem seeking a solution! Enter, Andrew Kennedy Foundation!

The internet says that “Mahe ve” means sweatheart, or loved one. Others say that mahi is the godess Earth. Those of us who frequent the Red Lobster know mahi-mahi to be some type of fish. So half a fish would be a mahi! This this the reason why the world is getting confused.

Here is the correct answer:

The confusion is the product of an incorrect spelling. The word should be correctly spelt as “Mahi Way” – note the all important “way” instead of the “ve”. If you live in New Zealand, you can get to Mahi Road (adjoining the very famous Kauwhata Road).

You must be wondering two things (1) Why Mahi Road? and (2) I must really know a lot about New Zealand. I will try to address these two concerns one by one.

1. Why Mahi Road?
Mahi Road is known for its legendry chat-ki-dukan run by the very famous Vithal Chat Walla. If you observe the picturization of any Mahi-ve song, you will notice the look on the hero’s face. The hero is not pining for the heroine, but pining for Vithal-ki-chat. In fact in the Sharukh Khan picturization, you can almost see the hero’s mouth watering as he thinks of taking a bite of the delectable chat. The heroine realizes what the hero wants to do, which is why she is shaking her fingers no-no-no, because she knows the last time the hero tried the Mahi Road chat, he got a severe case of the trots!

2. I know a lot about New Zealand
It is true that I know a lot about New Zealand, because I have never been there. That makes me an expert on the topic. Furthermore, what I don’t know, I just make it up!


So next time you have the urge to sing “Mahi Way”,  just go to Red Lobster and order fish and chips instead!

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