Top six fun, cheap, inexpensive summer time activities for teenagers

Summer holidays are fast approaching. The teenagers will be home all day, with nothing to do. An empty mind is the devil’s workshop and you as parents don’t want your house to be a part of that workshop either. Therefore, at Andrew Kennedy Foundation, we put our crack team to find and rank the top fun activities for teenagers.

We then conducted an imaginary survey with over a hundred imaginary teenagers. We removed from this list anything that to do with fun! This explains is why the words “girls” and “boys” are missing from the list.

The list is in ascending order of “fun”. If you don’t agree with the list, let it be an important reminder to you of how wrong you can be. After all this has been validated with over a hundred imaginary teens!

1. Sleep

Remember the adage “a teenager sleeping in bed is a teenager not causing trouble”. Recent surveys have found out that most teenagers are sleep deprived, another survey has co-related amount of sleep with amounts of brain development. Therefore, if these kids were to sleep all the time, they would be little Einsteins and out of your hair as well!

2. Play Games

Remember the time when the little tykes were small and played ball and ran around the house? Now they hang around the house and play video games! Just ask them to keep the volume down because the vibrations from the explosions can damage the foundations of your house, moreover loud noises hurt mama’s hangover!

3. Painting

Remember when the kids were much younger and they loved to paint? Nothing much has changed since, only difference is that you don’t have to clean up after them. A can of spray paint in a teenagers hand can transform the entire middle class neighborhood- the walls, the parks and the neighbor’s Maserati!

4. Blowing Bubbles

Look back into the past and see how on great sunny days you used to take the kids out into the park, and how they chased the bubbles that you would blow. This one is a little different. In this one, they sit around (slouch is a more appropriate word) at the dining table and blow bubbles with their spit! Only good thing is that it is inexpensive and good for the environment.

5. Sleep

Much like the time they were in Kindergarten. After a hard day of eating late breakfast, followed by early lunch and the tremendous exercise of texting friends the teens must be tired and ready for their afternoon nap!

6. Clean up room

Our special consultant E. Kim Snibbod who is the chief adviser to the advisory board once asked his teen to go up clean up the room, “and don’t come back till the room is clean”, he added. Seven years later, E. Kim saw a nice looking bearded youth emerging from the room. “Hello dad, the room is finally clean”, he said to the surprised and wonder struck E. Kim. Clearly this is the activity that is most fun for all parents!


What does cheap inexpensive summer time activities for teenagers have to do with world peace? Plenty! The world is in turmoil because of the Taliban and Al-Quaida leaders causing disruption throughout the world. These leaders are going nuts because they are feeling crabby and running out of creative ideas. They are feeling crabby because the twelve year olds that they married have turned into belligerent teenagers. If these people applied the same principles that have been outlined in this blog on their teenage spouses, they would be as relaxed as we are! Their slogan from “Death to America!” would be “Nah! Forget it! I’m going to Disney Land!”.

So remember to share this blog with your friendly neighboring Taliban before he starts planning his one way summer vacation with 52 virgins!

In the later articles we will go back to the more serious issues of world problems like world hunger and world peace. In the meantime, may you go in peace with your teenager!

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