Vikram Dayal
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Painter, Engineer, Software Visionary or Philosopher  - what are you?
Labels, labels, labels! I would not like to be confined to labels. Yes, I do all of these things, but mainly as a creative outlet. I guess I am a creativity junkie! I have created my own software products, and designed high speed precision engineering machines. Now the creative urge is to share my private art work with the public.

Q. How do you categorize your style of painting?
Labels again! I go through several phases - a few at the same time. Some sort of inner conflict. While I admire the drawing of a straight line, or perfect reproduction of an image, I am revolted by the thought of following any rules - even if I lay them down. Indian art and color fascinates me, I am interested in the western abstractions (which seem to be dying). Since I straddle both East and West in real life, my work must reflect it as well.

Q. Your paintings have become too expensive, what are you doing about it?
Yes, I agree. My paintings have become too expensive. I am in the process of coming out with some works that can be afforded by your average day-to-day millionaires.

Q. So, is the middle class going to lose out again?
Not exactly! Actually, if you ask me nicely, you might be able to get an affordable painting from me, and then exchange it for something bigger using my picture-exchange-program (PEP).

Q. What is the picture exchange program?
If you bring any of my original paintings to my studio, you can exchange it with any of my works that hang on the walls. I cannot offer to exchange for others' works or my other works that lie in storage or on my easels because they might be in transition or belong to someone else.

Q. How long will PEP last?
I don't know! However, all current owners of my paintings have been grandfather-ed in. Which means that all current owners of my paintings will never have to worry during my lifetime.

Q. How how do we buy your paintings?
Easiest way to acquire my paintings is by filling up the contact me page and letting me know what you want. I am constantly making paintings and I can web-cam or e-mail digital images of what I have.
I know many seekers of my paintings live in different continents, so please do let me know when would be a good time to contact you.