Vikram Dayal
I won my first prize in painting at the Shankar's On the Spot Painting Competition in Delhi at the age of six. Many of those who saw the painting felt that I did not deserve the prize and I should stop painting. Therefore, I participated in many other International painting competitions and won awards in quite a few of them.

Each victory was more controversial than the one before and it seemed that no one could stop me. However, I stopped painting in my teenage years when I encountered the power and purity of science.

At that time I believed that all art must die to accommodate science.

I restarted painting while I was studying engineering at IIT Kanpur. At IIT, I had the opportunity to attend courses under R.K. Bhatnager. Experimenting with multiple artistic avenues including theater workshops I learned about the incredibly rich Indian folk art tradition, which still dominates my style and palette.

Years later, after devoting many years to solving the world’s problems through science, I have restarted painting a third time. As usual, my art has continued to please and annoy at the same time.

I now believe that it is only art that will keep us alive !

Most of my earlier inspirations still continue to influence my work - Dali, Da Vinci, Hussain, RK Narayan.

Many of the sights and smells that I knew as a child , still dominate my mind, and hence my art. I still try to paint with the same zest and zeal as when I was in second grade.

What kind of a bird are you? Will my art please or annoy - find out for yourself.
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