Welcome to my latest website, I hope you like it. Please feel free to browse around.

I paint because I have to. I have this compulsion to give my unsolicited opinion about everything. Usually, I have something funny to say, but when you think a little deeper, you will find that there is a grain of truth in what I am saying. That is because I am most serious when I am joking!

I still have links to my old website. I loved the old site because the site was an experiment in art and technology for me.

As you look at my earlier paintings, you will see a little bit of clunkiness in the works. I felt that the old website reflected that rawness. It was a lot of fun!

My paintings are evolving once again and I feel that the new works need a little more elegance. Hence this new site.

The new site allows you to post your comments and possibly influence my works. Have fun, enjoy!



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