Ganesh waves at passing universe


I made this paining in my style of indoors-outdoors. The painting depicts Ganesh peeping out of our universe. I made this painting because of a story that I heard as a kid:

There was a competition between all the devis and devtas to see who could traverse the entire universe the fastest. While each of the gods tried to race in their own modes of transportation, Ganesh put his parents in the middle and started to go around them while seated on his mouse ride. As Ganesh circled his parents, all other gods and goddesses could see Ganesh way ahead of them.

As I began to understand relativity, I figured out that as you approach the speed of light, the dimensions will shrink to the extent that the universe will be a mere dot. This sounds pretty similar to what our friends at the giant atomic collider in Cern, Switzerland try to do. The Cern folks are constantly sending particles around in circles until they approach the speed of light – and then WHAM, the God Particle!

Some points about the painting: I painted Ganesh from first principles and ignored how he is traditionally painted. I painted Him as I imagined Him when I was a child (though putting on a blue checkered shirt would have been too much). I questioned the idea that He is fat. No Indian in history or mythology was fat, so why should Ganesh be? Ganesh was an ordinary kid until his head was replaced by an elephant’s head. I used the same logic for not putting any jewelry on Him. Looking at the simple life his parents led, in my opinion, Ganesh would not opt for gold and bling!


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