String Theory


After I made “Ganesh waves at passing universe“, I started to finish out the series with Vishnu.

As I started painting, it became very obvious that this was more about Seshnag the serpent. If you see the traditional paintings of Vishnu, you will see him perched uncomfortably on top of the well-organized coils of Sheshnag. However, Seshnag should adapt his coils around Vishnu to make Him most comfortable. As I started building the coils, I realized that they must be random orientations similar to string theory talks about the random strings that make our universe.

One of my Russian friends reminded me that Sheshnag is inside the universe as well outside it. This really excited me because it completely confirms my thoughts! My friend introduced me to the mathematical concept of the multi-dimensional Klien Bottle. Klien bottle for the uninitiated is like a Mobius Strip in 4 dimensions. I had to redo part of the painting to depict the serpent supporting the universe, and also originating from within it.

I am so in love with this concept that I am doing a multi-dimensional version of the same painting.


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