My version of plein air! When I went outdoors to paint for my art group, it felt too constricting to me. Like in “Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy”, I thought, if I am expected to paint outdoors, then I really need to step out!When people ask me about the hand, let me clarify once and for all – I think it is a “he”, instead of a “she” not because of the nails, but because we all know that women (because of their superior minds) never get into this situation! But then, I have been incorrect before.

I think that he is trying to crawl out (think space exploration). Maybe he is preventing himself from falling down (think rising waters and sinking world). Maybe it is just a whimsical plastic orchestration of form in search of a rhythmic archetype! My advice to those trying to figure this out is “ask the experts because they always know!”, and then you know that is not it!



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