Little Atlas Never Shrugs

While the super heroes of Ayn Rand may decide to shrug and shake up the world when they feel unappreciated, our little Atlases never shrug. Little Atlases continue to slave away for the big Atlases and pseudo Atlases that Ayn Rand, so forcefully portrays in her novels as genius or evil.

Little Atlases cannot know and not do they care if the big Atlas is genius or evil. Little Atlas is only concerned in getting food to his or her family table. In the quest for getting food on the table, little Atlas endures the whims and fantasies of the Big Atlas who employs him. The other little Atlases form a huge support system, allowing each other to take breaks from their thankless back breaking tasks.

From the top view, things look smooth as Mr Roark builds his buildings. The building, a testimony to the greatness of Mr Roark, rises smoothly, inch by inch, little Atlases have been busy moving brick by brick.


Little Atlas Never Shrugs

Little Atlas Never Shrugs – Oll on Canvas


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