Love makes the world go round and round

Love makes the world go round. Love requires tremendous nurturing to grow from the seedlings of self and evolve to the love of each other to love of family to love of the world. It needs to be reminded not just once a year or once every day but in every moment and every in every breath.

Love represents a vague and abstract notion. Love needs to be supported by spirituality from all sides. Like the wheels of a bullock cart, it sits eagerly awaiting for its matching wheel to start moving the world again.

Love is not just a cart that carries its two passengers. It’s also a two way street, full of people who come and go, but leave marks for us to remember them forever.

I made this painting under my style of “discovery”. I start off with a big canvas and let my strokes brush out the vague ideas that might exist in my subconscious. Next, I start a conscious discovery process, where I deliberately look for items that that the subconscious had deposited. By running this discovery process several times, the final picture begins to take shape.

In this painting, I first discovered the Indian village scene, which came as no surprise. While I have never lived in an Indian village (the town of Culpeper Virginia is the closest that I have ever been to rustic living), I have driven past these small villages and towns during my childhood. These villages have left an indelible mark on me.

The next thing I discovered inside the painting was a painting of love! At that point, I knew that the solution had been attained and it was time to exit the recursion.

Love Makes the World go round and round Oil on canvas 18x24

Love Makes the World go round and round
Oil on canvas 18×24


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