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The stuff I am doing for Art Expo NY 2013

Swimming through the sands of time

Swimming through sands of time

Swimming through sands of time

Media : Oil on canvas, with embedded sand from Virginia Beach
Size: 30×40 inches

This painting is very similar to one of my earlier works titled “Happy Times” due to similarities with the girl and the gate. However, that is where the similarity ends. This time, the girl tries to make us look away (possibly into the future) while our minds are still sinking (or swimming) in the bogs of the past.

Why sand? I don’t know. Why do all good sci-fi movies end up in the sand like Star Wars and Mad Max?




Outdoor-Indoor series

I am planning on taking some of these paintings to the New York Art Expo 2013. Not sure which ones yet!


String Theory


After I made “Ganesh waves at passing universe“, I started to finish out the series with Vishnu.

As I started painting, it became very obvious that this was more about Seshnag the serpent. If you see the traditional paintings of Vishnu, you will see him perched uncomfortably on top of the well-organized coils of Sheshnag. However, Seshnag should adapt his coils around Vishnu to make Him most comfortable. As I started building the coils, I realized that they must be random orientations similar to string theory talks about the random strings that make our universe.

One of my Russian friends reminded me that Sheshnag is inside the universe as well outside it. This really excited me because it completely confirms my thoughts! My friend introduced me to the mathematical concept of the multi-dimensional Klien Bottle. Klien bottle for the uninitiated is like a Mobius Strip in 4 dimensions. I had to redo part of the painting to depict the serpent supporting the universe, and also originating from within it.

I am so in love with this concept that I am doing a multi-dimensional version of the same painting.


Ganesh waves at passing universe


I made this paining in my style of indoors-outdoors. The painting depicts Ganesh peeping out of our universe. I made this painting because of a story that I heard as a kid:

There was a competition between all the devis and devtas to see who could traverse the entire universe the fastest. While each of the gods tried to race in their own modes of transportation, Ganesh put his parents in the middle and started to go around them while seated on his mouse ride. As Ganesh circled his parents, all other gods and goddesses could see Ganesh way ahead of them.

As I began to understand relativity, I figured out that as you approach the speed of light, the dimensions will shrink to the extent that the universe will be a mere dot. This sounds pretty similar to what our friends at the giant atomic collider in Cern, Switzerland try to do. The Cern folks are constantly sending particles around in circles until they approach the speed of light – and then WHAM, the God Particle!

Some points about the painting: I painted Ganesh from first principles and ignored how he is traditionally painted. I painted Him as I imagined Him when I was a child (though putting on a blue checkered shirt would have been too much). I questioned the idea that He is fat. No Indian in history or mythology was fat, so why should Ganesh be? Ganesh was an ordinary kid until his head was replaced by an elephant’s head. I used the same logic for not putting any jewelry on Him. Looking at the simple life his parents led, in my opinion, Ganesh would not opt for gold and bling!


Home run shatters universe

What is indoors and what is really outdoors? The answer is “it depends.” If we look at outdoors as something out of our homes, then what about from the perspective of the world, or the solar system, or the galaxy and possibly the universe?

This is also a comment on our quest to go out and discover the unknown. It pokes a little fun at those trying to discover the “God Particle.” We have no idea what we are trying to unravel; like the hand that is ripping the canvas from which it exists.



Getting ready for New York Art Expo 2013 – Siva!

The NY Art Expo is just weeks away and I am very excited to show my latest works!

Last year, I met the noted surrealist critic Nickolay Botov. He really liked my “Outdoors” and “Still Life With Vase” and suggested that I continue in the indoors-outdoors theme. I was really fascinated by the idea and I added more paintings in this style.

The first one was “Siva!”. Through “Siva!”, I discovered the connection between surrealism and Indian mythology. I became more obsessed with the tiger skin looking like a real tiger ready to pounce. Now I understand Dali’s obsession with religious themes!

Of course, I added my own symbols into the painting. Why the triangle (does it remind you of a glacier), why shadows in reverse direction, why the layers? We might never know!



Of course, I created my own symbols into the painting. Why the triangle (does it remind you of a glacier), why shadows in reverse direction, why the layers… We might  never know!