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At Artomatic, A Salute to Artificial Intelligence

Here I am, exhibiting at my fourth Artomatic event! I love the energy and camaraderie here at Artomatic and I always look forward to these events.

This time, I made these three paintings exclusively for the Artomatic event. I started with three black blank canvasses and decided to apply my “discovery” technique. In the discovery technique, I a sequence of subconscious and deliberate steps to bring out and discover what has been on my mind.

This time the discovery process was particularly hard. I have been doing a very mathematical course in Machine Learning by Geoffrey Hinton while trying to complete these paintings. Two different tasks that require two different parts of the brain. After a number of false starts, the image came clear to me! Of course, it was Hinton’s equations on Backpropagation staring at me all the time. I could not understand why two backs were popping out with such clarity.

Why Deep Learning? Why not just Machine Learning? We will never know, except for the fact that it is a deep question and require deep thought!

The last painting – Training tensorflow was much simpler to understand. The real neural net in the head was trying to learn the virtual neural net by emulating the real neural net in the head. Tensorflow is a Deep Learning package from Google, wherein you simply train the network, a task any kid can do! I perceive the person climbing the learning mountain to be a young boy learning climbing while dreaming Himalayan dreams. Why climbing as against any other activity? My introduction to AI was applying the old Hill Climb Algorithm many-many moons ago.



Backpropagation using Deep Learning

Backpropagation using Deep Learning – 1 – Oil on canvas 18×24

Backpropagation using Deep Learning

Backpropagation using Deep Learning – 2 – Oil on canvas 18×24


Learning Tensorflow

Learning Tensorflow – Oil on canvas 18×24


Love makes the world go round and round

Love makes the world go round. Love requires tremendous nurturing to grow from the seedlings of self and evolve to the love of each other to love of family to love of the world. It needs to be reminded not just once a year or once every day but in every moment and every in every breath.

Love represents a vague and abstract notion. Love needs to be supported by spirituality from all sides. Like the wheels of a bullock cart, it sits eagerly awaiting for its matching wheel to start moving the world again.

Love is not just a cart that carries its two passengers. It’s also a two way street, full of people who come and go, but leave marks for us to remember them forever.

I made this painting under my style of “discovery”. I start off with a big canvas and let my strokes brush out the vague ideas that might exist in my subconscious. Next, I start a conscious discovery process, where I deliberately look for items that that the subconscious had deposited. By running this discovery process several times, the final picture begins to take shape.

In this painting, I first discovered the Indian village scene, which came as no surprise. While I have never lived in an Indian village (the town of Culpeper Virginia is the closest that I have ever been to rustic living), I have driven past these small villages and towns during my childhood. These villages have left an indelible mark on me.

The next thing I discovered inside the painting was a painting of love! At that point, I knew that the solution had been attained and it was time to exit the recursion.

Love Makes the World go round and round Oil on canvas 18x24

Love Makes the World go round and round
Oil on canvas 18×24


Little Atlas Never Shrugs

While the super heroes of Ayn Rand may decide to shrug and shake up the world when they feel unappreciated, our little Atlases never shrug. Little Atlases continue to slave away for the big Atlases and pseudo Atlases that Ayn Rand, so forcefully portrays in her novels as genius or evil.

Little Atlases cannot know and not do they care if the big Atlas is genius or evil. Little Atlas is only concerned in getting food to his or her family table. In the quest for getting food on the table, little Atlas endures the whims and fantasies of the Big Atlas who employs him. The other little Atlases form a huge support system, allowing each other to take breaks from their thankless back breaking tasks.

From the top view, things look smooth as Mr Roark builds his buildings. The building, a testimony to the greatness of Mr Roark, rises smoothly, inch by inch, little Atlases have been busy moving brick by brick.


Little Atlas Never Shrugs

Little Atlas Never Shrugs – Oll on Canvas


Exhibiting at Artomatic 2015

After a painting hiatus of a few months, I am back! This time, I am back with a new pallette. The colors are lighter, themes (I hope) are wittier. Transition to the new colors was harder than I thought. On one side, it is easy to continue to paint in the same style, and the critics love it, everyone is happy. The flip side of continuing to paint in the same style is that you don’t grow!

I am exhibiting at the Artomatic 2015, my third artomatic event makes me feel like a veteran.

Titanic glass of ice water

Titanic glass of ice water

Night at the gallery

Night at the gallery



String Theory in B-minor

StringTheoryInBminorThis one painting that I really enjoyed doing because it has elements of everything that I like. There is the contrast of hard and soft, straight edges vs. smooth curves, science vs. aesthetics.

I don’t claim to fully understand the meaning of the painting, but I believe that there is some deeper meaning. I will point out the class on the left hand side are studying the actual equations of String Theory (modified Maxwells equations to be more exact), while the class on the right are studying the B-minor chord of the guitar. The cosmic hand holds the B-minor chord.

Why B-minor? Because there is no chord called A+ the grade of the universe, and C++ is just a language. So B strikes a perfect balance!




My version of plein air! When I went outdoors to paint for my art group, it felt too constricting to me. Like in “Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy”, I thought, if I am expected to paint outdoors, then I really need to step out!When people ask me about the hand, let me clarify once and for all – I think it is a “he”, instead of a “she” not because of the nails, but because we all know that women (because of their superior minds) never get into this situation! But then, I have been incorrect before.

I think that he is trying to crawl out (think space exploration). Maybe he is preventing himself from falling down (think rising waters and sinking world). Maybe it is just a whimsical plastic orchestration of form in search of a rhythmic archetype! My advice to those trying to figure this out is “ask the experts because they always know!”, and then you know that is not it!



Still Life Series

Still Life with Coke

Still Life with Coke II

Still Life with Coffee

Still Life with Wine

Now that you follow the trend, the last one is:

Still Alive with Medicine!

These paintings always invite a snigger, specially when people hear the punch line.



The pen is mightier than the sword

Here are two small-sized paintings that I have done as a part of┬áthe series “The pen is mightier than the sword.” These are my humorous take on the subject. When I first posted these on Facebook, they incited a lot of very humorous comments: purpose served!



Welcome to my latest website, I hope you like it. Please feel free to browse around.

I paint because I have to. I have this compulsion to give my unsolicited opinion about everything. Usually, I have something funny to say, but when you think a little deeper, you will find that there is a grain of truth in what I am saying. That is because I am most serious when I am joking!

I still have links to my old website. I loved the old site because the site was an experiment in art and technology for me.

As you look at my earlier paintings, you will see a little bit of clunkiness in the works. I felt that the old website reflected that rawness. It was a lot of fun!

My paintings are evolving once again and I feel that the new works need a little more elegance. Hence this new site.

The new site allows you to post your comments and possibly influence my works. Have fun, enjoy!