My thoughts about art

Shakespeare, Dali and DaVinci have created works that are like elegant mathematical equations. When you insert new values into a mathematical equation, you discover newer results every time, which leads to a better understanding of the reality represented by the equation. Similarly, when you look at the works of these masters, simply plug in an interpretation into any object and wow! There is some new point of view that you did not know before!

The works of others like Husain, on the other hand, are like works of complex arithmetic calculations, like long form multiplications and divisions. You are struck by the beauty and preciseness of the execution and you wish you the talent to do the same. However, when you go through the interpretation computation cycle described above, you always end up with the same results!

Me? I am still trying to discover equations and sometimes I like to perform arithmetic calculations. I hope I never get the formula right, because discovery this is so much fun!



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